Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Good Project Manager

In a prior post, I talked about The Project Slayer.  When you terminate a project that has no value.

Today let's talk about common factors for successful projects.  The Good PM.

Many hiring managers love to ask;  "What was your favorite project and why?"

To tell the truth, The Good PM has successfully delivered so many projects, there is not any one favorite.  So instead when I'm asked, I discuss critical factors to my success that applies to all my programs and projects. 

Success is due to good planning, using the PM tools, skills and spending the time on communicating.  Success is also due to hard work with the key team members to get the plan right.  The Good PM goes through all aspects, scope, metrics, timelines, budget, identifying stakeholders, RACI charts, deliverables, sign-offs, communications, vendors, change management, risk management, tollgates, reviews,… and communicates that plan to all the stakeholders. 

On The Good PM's programs and projects, everybody understands what the goals and deliverables are and what they are responsible for.  Once the project is in flight, then The Good PM just takes a weekly status and deals with the project issues.  If there is a major issue or risk that occurs, a Change Control is issued to bring it back under control and this change control is communicated to all, signed off and planned.    

The Good Project Manager does not have failed projects because they use the PM tools and skills to fall back on.  It is the PM’s responsibility to understand the health of their project.  If there is a problem the PM must take measures to correct it and bring the project back to plan. 

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  1. Good article about the common factors that a Good Project Manager uses and executes.
    Most projects can be managed by using similar processes because there are only so many activities that need to be done for each project.
    A Good Project Manager uses all the tools, skills and knowledge learned from previous projects to ensure it completes with happy clients!